Yankee Group: Portals will push iTV use

Tue, 01/01/2002 - 7:00pm
Anne Kerven

Any portal in the iTV storm, it appears. A Yankee Group survey says TV portals will ease the transition to iTV and "play a key role in helping multichannel video operators retain digital subscribers." But operators shouldn't foot the development bill, the study notes.

TV portals, similar to online ones in offering direction to the iTV features, should include such local content as news, weather, lists of restaurants and movies, and event information, Yankee Group says in TV Portals: Opening the Door to Interactive Television.

Portals also offer "a consistent and familiar interface for viewers, allowing operators to introduce new interactive TV applications in the future, while minimizing viewer confusion," says Adi Kishore, an analyst at Yankee Group's media and entertainment strategies unit.

The firm also says operators should "avoid absorbing developmental costs for TV portals," because customized portals won't be worth the returns. Rather, operators should check out the solutions already on the market.

Finally, TV portals have seen some inroads via rollouts from Insight and Cablevision, but "broad deployments across cable operators are unlikely for the next year," Yankee Group says.


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