More modems emerge certified following wave 20

Thu, 01/31/2002 - 7:00pm

CableLabs said it handed out passing grades to seven more DOCSIS 1.1 cable modems in certification wave 20, pushing that total to nine. However, CableLabs did not qualify any additional cable modem termination systems during the wave, after awarding passing grades in the previous wave, to Arris' Cornerstone CMTS 1500 and Cadant Inc.'s (now Arris') C4 CMTS chassis.

The latest vendors to join the ranks of the 1.1-certified include modems as well as a new class of embedded multimedia terminal adapters from Ambit, Arris, Ericsson, Tellabs and Scientific-Atlanta, whose WebStar DPX100 model is actually manufactured by Askey Computer Corp. Texas Instruments and Toshiba, which were among the first companies to get cable modems certified for 1.1, also had new products get through certification wave 20 with passing grades for 1.1.

Following CW 20, six of the nine 1.1-certified modems used Texas Instruments silicon. However, Broadcom chips remain the only ones housed in 1.1- qualified CMTS gear.

By incorporating quality of service and data fragmentation, DOCSIS 1.1 serves as the underpinnings of PacketCable, an initiative designed to usher in IP telephony and other multimedia services over cable networks, and CableHome, a home networking spec fashioned to deliver DOCSIS to other devices in the home.

CableLabs also certified or re-certified 12 DOCSIS 1.0 modems, and awarded 1.0 qualification to CMTSs from Cisco Systems and Pacific Broadband Communications (now part of Juniper Networks).

Certification wave 21 kicked off Jan. 21, with results expected on or around March 28.


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