Motorola/Rogers team on video compression

Mon, 12/10/2001 - 7:00pm
Anne Kerven

Motorola announced an encoding systems sale to Rogers Cable for the cableco's Ontario system. Financial terms were undisclosed.

Motorola's Broadband Communications Sector will provide 50 channels of PurePixel-equipped, MPEG-2 video compression encoders to distribute analog programming services. PurePixel helps maintain video quality during the encoding and decoding sequence.

Motorola says Rogers' network content will aggregate at a master headend and then move via intercity Sonet fiber rings to multiple local headends for analog distribution to subscribers. Because analog video consumes a lot of bandwidth, the content will instead be digitally compressed at the master headend, placed on the fiber ring and decoded back to analog format at the local headends. The Digicipher II encoding systems, including the 50 compression channels, will be located at the master headend.



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