Broadcom/Intel jury trounces infringement claim

Sun, 12/16/2001 - 7:00pm
Anne Kerven

Talk about feeling vindicated. A jury verdict found against Intel Corp.'s allegations that Broadcom infringed on its network and digital video chip patents.

In the triple-play verdict, the jury also found Intel's networking patent invalid and said Broadcom wasn't bound by certain third-party licenses contracts Intel held with mutual customers, Broadcom's lead attorney says.

The decision by a jury in a federal district court in Wilmington, Del., was unanimous and concerned two patents. "One was on a digital video chip, the second on networking," says David Rosmann, Broadcom's attorney. "Neither of those was infringed by Broadcom's products." The lawsuits targeted Broadcom's Ethernet and MPEG products, he says.

"The jury also found the networking patent was invalid," Rosmann says. "It never should have been issued because the invention claimed was not new at the time."

Also at issue were several third-party licenses between certain companies and Intel that allowed Broadcom to sell products to those companies, he says. Even if the patents had been infringed, he adds, Broadcom could have sold its products to those companies.

Rosmann says a federal judge divided the case up, and Broadcom has a counter-lawsuit against Intel, although no date has been set.

An Intel spokesman could not be reached by CEDaily's deadline.


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