Terayon Spins Chips

Wed, 10/31/2001 - 7:00pm

Moving on previously stated plans, Terayon Communication Systems Inc. spun off its silicon unit, creating a new company called "Imedia Semiconductor."

That division designs, manufactures and sells broadband silicon for the cable sector, and includes a focus on Terayon's proprietary S-CDMA (synchronous code division multiple access) as well as A-TDMA (advanced time division multiple access) technologies. Those schemes are central to CableLabs' forthcoming DOCSIS 2.0 specification, which is designed to mitigate noise and bolster cable's upstream. Although any technology that becomes part of DOCSIS specifications is made available on a royalty-free basis, Terayon has claimed its experience with S-CDMA will give it an edge over its competition for a time as other silicon makers hammer out an implementation of the technology. Tied to this, Imedia Semiconductor launched a family of two DOCSIS 2.0-based chipsets: the "IM6000" and "IM96000." The IM6000 is already housed in Terayon's "TJ615" cable modems, and the IM96000 is a "manufacturing ready" reference design. Imedia has also completed a DOCSIS 2.0-based headend chip product called the "IM5000." Terayon CEO Zaki Rakib indicated early this year that the company planned to spin off its silicon operations. Thus far, that group has delivered more than 2 million chipsets.

The Imedia name likely is familiar to operators who work in the digital domain. Terayon acquired Imedia Corp. and its "CherryPicker" digital grooming technology in 1999 for about $100 million.


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