Studies: Bundle that broadband; watching Canada's ITV

Sun, 09/09/2001 - 8:00pm
Anne Kerven

• Consumers want their broadband bundled, easy and cheap — or at least, discounted, says a Horowitz Associates Inc. study. Slightly more than half would buy bundled services without discounts, but that jumps to 68 percent who would buy if the deal came with a 10 percent discount.

About 61 percent would add a service, given a 10 percent cut off the total bill, and 68 percent would do so with a 20 percent discount, says Bundled Services 4: A Study of the Competitive Market for Bundled and Broadband Services.

The study shows bundling could enable rollout of digital services, including home networking, VOD and enhanced ITV services, Horowitz says. The top three enhanced services catching respondents' eyes were personal video recording, interactive program guides and a single remote with a touch pad to connect TV appliances.

• Unlike American cable operators, Canadian ITV initiatives focus on TV-based Web access and e-mail, a Yankee Group study says. Northern Exposure: iTV in Canada also warns that ITV rollouts must be measured and deliberate, with operators mindful of which services best meet their revenue and reduced subscriber churn goals.

YG says the report outlines the technological requirements, business and revenue issues and consumer demand for individual ITV services. Each service faces significantly different consumer demand curves, technology hurdles and business cases, YG says.


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