BarcoNet debuts new VOD system

Sun, 09/16/2001 - 8:00pm
Anne Kerven

BarcoNet today announced the launch of a dedicated VOD-over-IP solution designed to make VOD economically feasible on both a small and large scale. The system consists of an end-to-end digital TV delivery system based on Internet Protocol (IP) technology, enabling cable operators to roll out interactive applications, such as VOD, at low cost to both set-top boxes and PCs connected to high-speed cable modems.

BarcoNet's VOD-over-IP system centers on three new component products: GigaLynx IP backbone; iMUX IP-to-ASI gateway; and the Mercury interactive TV gateway with dense QAM modulation platform.

GigaLynx is a true DWDM fiber optic link that offers 2.5 Gbps speeds instead of the conventional 1 Gbps. It also easily interfaces with SDH networks, which allows telecom operators to transport VOD services over their existing SDH/DWDM networks without any hardware extensions.

The new iMUX IP-to-ASI gateway allows the system to be used in combination with today's cable set-top boxes.

Developed together with PATH 1Network Technologies, it provides 3 to 4 megabit movies to the VOD gateway by breaking down large numbers of Internet Protocol data streams into individual movie streams requested by the viewer.

Combined with the new GigaLynx backbone and iMUX, Mercury is a compact, multiple QAM modulator/scrambler that can serve 250 users at one time.



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