Verizon Offers Broadband Home Networking

Fri, 08/31/2001 - 8:00pm

Builders, developers and new homebuyers in the Boston metro area, including Massachusetts and New Hampshire suburbs, can now purchase in-home broadband networking from Verizon that will enable consumers to take advantage of broadband Internet connections that are available throughout the area.

Homebuyers can choose Verizon Ready home networking options up until days before the walls are closed in their new home. When making these decisions, they also can select Verizon telephone services, such as additional lines, voice mail and call waiting. A customer can order Verizon Online DSL Internet access, if it is available on their line, once they have moved into the house and established telephone service.

Verizon Connected Solutions, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, offers a communications gateway and advanced wiring solution–called the Verizon Ready system–that enables residents to share voice, data, video, entertainment and Internet services in every room in a house. The Verizon Ready system integrates a flexible and expandable home network device or hub with advanced communications wiring and cables.

The Verizon ready hub is the gateway to all services coming into the home, such as cable or satellite TV and high-speed Internet access.

The Verizon Ready system is sold via builders and developers.


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