FTTH rebels elect leaders, vow changes

Mon, 08/27/2001 - 8:00pm
Anne Kerven

Yikes. Watch for the Fiber-to-the-Home Council, a spunky group of revolutionaries who are, they say, "poised to lead an FTTH revolution" in the telecom and video industries.

For starters, it just appointed an executive director, elected its first board and composed its mission statement.

Armed with the mission statement, the nonprofit says it can, via committee work, maintain focus and provide information needed for FTTH decision-making.

"So a revolution can occur (with information)," says Executive Director Donna Keegan, an employee at Corning Inc. and the council's first head.

Indeed, the month-old council has a lot of first. At its first meeting, it appointed its first director and its first board, comprised of eight members. It counts 51 member companies thus far, from whom it derives its funding via dues.

"We have a charter and bylaws, and all kinds of fun paperwork," Keegan says. The dot-org still has no building or paid staff, but it does profess big plans.

"There are so many messages out there about deployment — some say it's 10 years out, some say five," Keegan says. Likewise, many question the cost of deployment.

"It's beginning now," she says, of the deployment, mostly in "new-build communities." Keegan wouldn't speculate on costs of deployment, especially given its variables. Once the committees formed at the meeting have a chance to settle in, they'll start devising ways to gather information, likely through studies, she says.

"There will be studies done," she says, keeping in mind that members are competitors. "So we will use third parties to collate data and maintain integrity" of the information, ensuring no one is favored.

Keegan says the council's mission statement promises to educate, promote and accelerate deployment of fiber-to-the-home in North America.

New board members are Bart Alvarez, from Paceon; Mike DiMauro, from FiberCore; Wave7 Optics' Jim Farmer; Alcatel's Mark Klimek; James Salter from Atlantic Engineering; Tom Wendt, with SandStream Communications and Entertainment; Corning's Bob Whitman; and Doug Wrede from Optical Solutions.



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