FCC: High-speed Internet access up 158% last year

Thu, 08/09/2001 - 8:00pm
Anne Kerven

Internet via cable modem jumped 57 percent in the second half of 2000, with a total 3.6 million connections, a Federal Communications Commission study says. Full-year growth reached 152 percent.

By contrast, ADSL reached 2 million connections in the second half, a solid 108 percent growth for those six months. ADSL grew by a whopping 435 percent during the full year.

The FCC conducted the study from information filed by service providers in March 2001, but includes data through Dec. 31. Providers submit the data twice a year to the FCC.

Overall high-speed Internet connections grew by 158 percent during the year, and by 63 percent during the second six months. For the year, the total number of lines reached 7.1 million, 5.2 million of which were residential and small-business subscribers, the FCC reports. About 4.3 million of the 7.1 million had speeds higher than 200 Kbps in both directions.

Satellite and fixed-wireless represent only a small portion of the total lines in use, but the number more than doubled, from 50,000 in December 1999 to 112,000 a year later.

A solid 97 percent of the most densely populated zip codes had high-speed subscribers, compared with 45 percent in the country's zip codes with the lowest population — although that's grown from 24 percent a year ago, the FCC says.

Income matters — of the top one-tenth of zip codes, ranked by median income, 96 percent had high-speed subscribers, contrasted with 56 percent of the bottom one-tenth of the zip codes. That's up slightly from 42 percent a year earlier.


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