Anadigics Expands Broadband Portfolio with Reverse Path Amplifier for Cable TV

Tue, 07/31/2001 - 8:00pm

Anadigics has introduced the ARA2005, a new gallium arsenide (GaAs) cable TV reverse amplifier that provides the reverse path amplifications and output level control functions necessary in various two-way cable TV system designs. The ARA2005 has been developed for high-speed cable modems, telephony-over-cable systems and Open- Cable set-top boxes and meets the reliability and performance requirements of fiber nodes, mini nodes and CMTSs.

Designed for compatibility, the ARA2005 capitalizes on existing functionality in most DOCSIS cable modem-based IC solutions, reducing the complexity of the return path amplifier and resulting in a simplified package design and smaller die.

The ARA2005 is designed with a digitally controlled precision step attenuator to control gain in the reverse path. Its design is preceded by an ultra low noise amplifier stage, and followed by an ultra-linear output drive amplifier.

The ARA2005 reverse amplifier is housed in a 28-pin SSOP, and is priced at $2.85 in quantities of 10,000, according to Anadigics. Samples of the device are available.



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