TVN joins with Concurrent, nCUBE for VOD

Sat, 06/30/2001 - 8:00pm

nCUBE Corp. has validated TVN's video-on-demand (VOD) asset management and distribution systems for use with its n4 streaming video appliance. Concurrent Corp. has also successfully validated TVN's Digital Content Express VOD asset management and distribution system for use with Concurrent's MediaHawk video servers.

TVN's Digital Content Express sends secure digital content via satellite to nCUBE's n4 servers. The satellite delivery eliminates the need for manual tape or disc delivery, as well as increases efficiency by eliminating the need for manual intervention at the headend.

All of the maintenance and management of the content is fully automated and controlled from TVN's Burbank, Calif., Digital Network Operations Center.

In order to certify TVN's Digital Content Express for use with nCUBE's n4 VOD Streaming Media Appliance and nABLE VOD management back office, the two companies completed a series of tests intended to stress the system's capabilities.

Concurrent's validation of TVN's VOD system represents a break-through in VOD content delivery. Traditionally, films are encoded to digital formats and shipped as physical tapes or discs to headend servers located nationwide, where they must be manually uploaded, quality checked, scheduled and managed.

Digital Content Express represents a suite of services including content acquisition, encoding, transmission and receipt, forward error-correction, and subsequent manipulation of MPEG-2 video and related metadata files for commercial VOD deployments.


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