TollBridge unveils new multi-protocol voice processing card

Sat, 06/30/2001 - 8:00pm

TollBridge Technologies recently introduced the Voice III module that targets the latest voice over broadband access standards including NCS, MGCP, BLES AAL5 and BLES AAL2. This voice processing card delivers the highest available densities for voice-over-IP deployment with the TB300 and TB200 gateways for cable, DSL, fixed wireless, T-1 and ATM broadband media access.

TollBridge has added a Gigabit Ethernet interface module to the new TB300 gateway. The addition of an Ethernet interface to the TollBridge gateway will allow broadband service providers, such as cable operators, to take advantage of the low cost and high speed of Ethernet to deliver voice and data services to their customers.

Service provider revenues and return on investment are maximized with Voice III module density ratings of more than 8,000 lines for BLES, MGCP and NCS. This card provides one of the lowest possible costs per line and supports IP-based standards at deployable capacities for today's networks.

The Voice III Module leverages high-performance LSI DSP chips and software that is designed to support 192 simultaneous channels per card of any protocol. The Voice III module also supports a new NCS/MGCP call agent softswitch that directs the function of up to 2,048 residential gateways or DSL IADs. This softswitch implementation allows providers to use the feature set and reliability of the Class 5 switch and easily deploy full softswitches at any time in the future.


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