Comcast cuts deals with Juniper and Cayman

Tue, 05/15/2001 - 8:00pm
Anne Kerven

Juniper Group Inc. subsidiary Juniper Internet Communications Inc. signed an Internet installation services agreement with Comcast Cable Communications Inc. The deal is part of Juniper's goal of becoming a major provider of cable and DSL broadband installation services, it reports.

Juniper has already begun connecting customers in Bucks County, Pa. No details were available on the size of the deal nor was Juniper's designated spokeswoman available by CEDaily deadlines.

Likewise, Comcast subsidiary Comcast Business Communications is adding Cayman Systems' 2EH and its 2EH-W11 to its product line, Cayman reports.

The 2EH is a dual-Ethernet firewall/router with an integrated 8-port hub and the 2EH-W11 is identical to the 2EH, but includes WiFi (802.11b) wireless LAN support.

The 2E line enables single- or multiple-user access to broadband services over coaxial cable lines, copper phone lines or wireless broadband products, Cayman says, adding that the products' plug-and-play routing and networking tools call for minimal attention from service technicians.


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