SBC, Sprint, TW deploy BroadJump's Virtual Truck

Sat, 03/31/2001 - 7:00pm

SBC Communications has chosen BroadJump's Virtual Truck Installer to enhance installation of its DSL service. BroadJump also announced that Time Warner is deploying BroadJump's Virtual Truck Qualifier in almost half of its divisions nationwide. Additionally, Sprint has become BroadJump's first wireless customer.

A majority of SBC DSL customers take advantage of BroadJump's self-install alternative, which allows customers to set up their DSL service and equipment in about an hour. Virtual Truck Installer–which will be branded SBC Express–enhances that process by providing a more streamlined and automated equipment and software installation experience.

BroadJump's Virtual Truck Qualifier will be rebranded Road Runner System Qualifier for Time Warner systems. Virtual Truck Qualifier pre-qualifies subscribers' computers and serves as a promotional vehicle, promising to increase Time Warner's subscriber acquisition rates at minimal cost.

With Virtual Truck Qualifier, Time Warner can determine if potential subscribers have the necessary computing resources to support a broadband connection.

Sprint Broadband Direct has begun deploying BroadJump's Virtual Truck Installer in 12 cities nationwide.

Sprint first began deployment of BroadJump's Virtual Truck Installer less than one year ago to accelerate the rollout of Sprint FastConnect DSL. The most recent agreement is a direct extension of the success Sprint has realized by using BroadJump's Virtual Truck Installer to automate the Sprint FastConnect installation process, according to BroadJump.


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