LPGA drives toward FTTH

Sat, 03/31/2001 - 7:00pm

Optical Solutions Inc. and GateHouse Networks have announced that Optical Solutions' FiberPath optical fiber-to-the-home system for converged telephone, cable television and Internet services will be deployed in the LPGA planned residential community in Daytona Beach.

The LPGA International community is being developed by Renar Homes. GateHouse and Optical Solutions expect to turn up the first service by early summer.

According to the terms of the contract between Optical Solutions and GateHouse, Optical Solutions will supply the network equipment necessary to converge the telephone, television and Internet services onto the fiber optic links connecting all 6,500 residential units of the six-mile community. The FiberPath system will deliver up to four telephone lines per subscriber, up to 80 analog cable television channels plus digital cable, and high-speed data scalable in 64 Kbps increments up to 10 Mbps, with future bandwidth scalability up to 100 Mbps.



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