Loops key in DSL on POTS

Mon, 03/19/2001 - 7:00pm
Anne Kerven

Careful how you manage that DSL loop there. A study from Turnstone Systems Inc. and TeleChoice Inc. shows profitability can founder when carriers deploy DSL to residences over plain old telephone lines, without good loop management.

Turnstone's study quantifies the benefits of remote loop management in environments where carriers deploy DSL over POTS lines and claims that carriers can see a payback on loop-management equipment within eight months.

Carriers face numerous challenges in using DSL on POTS lines, such as keeping up with demand, minimizing costs and upping profitability, and distinguishing their services.

The study shows that 90 percent to 95 percent of new residential DSL sales are self-install connections, but only 80 to 90 percent of those succeed. When those fail, service is delayed and the provider often must roll a truck to troubleshoot the loop. With thousands of daily installations, those truck-roll costs and service delays add up. The problem is mitigated by testing, qualifying and verifying loop management service, done remotely and before a customer is given the green light to self-install. Such deployment problems could be identified and resolved in advance, the study notes, saving carriers about $150 per eliminated truck roll.

The study, "Effective Loop Management and Testing for Residential DSL," is available online.


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