How do customers really feel about digital TV?

Tue, 03/13/2001 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

A new survey launching this month intends to find out. Digital TV VII: A Survey Of Consumers in Digital Cable Markets, a telephone survey, is the seventh in a series produced by Horowitz Associates and S. Liebmann and Associates. It will be conducted among 800 cable subscribers in markets where digital cable service is currently being marketed.

Last year, Digital TV VI data revealed that total market potential for digital service, whether satellite or cable delivered, was 46 percent, an increase from the previous year's 36 percent market potential for digital services. Having tracked digital cable growth since 1994, the 2001survey will be conducted among consumers in 49 representative U.S. markets that offer digital cable. Data will be tracked against last year's results in the same systems and will provide key information on consumer perception, interest, motivation and intentions.

According to Horowitz Associates, the expanding new media marketplace lends itself to this type of continuing yearly study because consumers are becoming more interested in digital cable service, more channels and convenience and interactivity.

Issues the study will cover include how the currently hobbled economy will affect cable and satellite TV growth and what new tactics are needed to grow penetration. The survey will also ask how satisfied digital consumers are, and why customers desert.

The study will be available later this year.


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