COMDEV sets sites on DSL/cable costs

Tue, 03/20/2001 - 7:00pm
Anne Kerven

COM DEV Wireless, a division of COM DEV International Ltd., just launched the M/ERGY high-speed wireless data system. Hardware and software for the packet-switched data system let service providers provide high-speed wireless Internet access, including full mobility at speeds up to 120 mph and voice-over IP capability, at a lower cost than cable modem or DSL service, the company touts. The equipment also lets service providers generate an immediate new source of revenue, COM DEV notes.

COM DEV launched both microcell and macrocell versions of the M/ERGY base stations, hardware and software for the M/ERGY central office, and USB port and PCMCIA card models of the M/ERGY subscriber modem. The USB model is about the size of current personal digital assistants. The PCMCIA card version is designed for laptop computers.

The initial version of M/ERGY will operate at 1900 MHz, depending on customer needs, and later versions will be designed to operate at frequencies from 450 MHz to 6 GHz. M/ERGY base station range is about 3 to 5 kilometers, depending on terrain and selected frequency. In low teledensity areas, with little frequency congestion, the system can be tuned to greater ranges.

COM DEV Wireless designs and manufactures wireless systems and subsystems for global wireless, cellular telephone and PCS system vendors.


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