CableLabs getting OCAP feedback

Sun, 03/04/2001 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

CableLabs is looking for feedback on its OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP), or middleware software, specification. More than 400 consumer electronics manufacturers receiving the draft OCAP specifications can participate in the development of these guidelines.

According to CableLabs, it and several of its member cable operating companies worked with different software firms to produce the OCAP specifications. The specification guides cable companies on how to merge the World Wide Web with cable's broadband pipes to create an interactive TV delivery mechanism that provides enhanced services to cable customers.

The specification has two major components: an Execution Engine (EE), which will provide a programmable environment; and a Presentation Engine (PE), similar to a Web browser, which will provide support for creating and using the Web's standardized markup and scripting languages, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and ECMAScript.

"We continue to receive great support from the computer industry and from the consumer electronics manufacturers in this enormous undertaking to get open hardware and software specifications," said Brian L. Roberts, Comcast president and a member of the CableLabs board of directors, in a statement.

According to CableLabs, some companies have announced that the middleware will be available by summer 2001.


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