BWIF standards in the offing

Mon, 03/19/2001 - 7:00pm
Anne Kerven

Watch for a faction setting standards in wireless Internet equipment. The Broadband Wireless Internet Forum, based in Piscataway, N.J., but with members in Europe, North America and Asia, is taking bids from major tech labs as part of a potential equipment certification program. The plan calls for manufacturers to submit their wireless broadband equipment to the chosen lab, and have the products tested by yet-to-be-announced but stringent standards. Upon passing, qualified equipment would earn the BWIF-certified rating.

"This is a critical step in bringing wireless broadband equipment to the marketplace," said Ender Ayanoglu, chairman of BWIF, in a prepared statement. "The testing procedures and certification will provide the assurances that are needed by system operators as they make the decision to adopt high-speed fixed wireless technology."

BWIF, part of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization, has been spearheading a program for certification of broadband wireless equipment, the organization reports.


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