Agilent's Mr. Fix-it device

Thu, 03/15/2001 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

The next time your network goes out right in the middle of March Madness, you won't have to wonder just where the heck the problem is. Agilent has developed the installer's new best friend, the Fiber Break Locator, a handheld device to locate faults in fiber-optic networks.

The Fiber Break Locator lets maintenance technicians view the optical distance to a break, up to 94 miles away, locate high insertion losses of damaged connectors, and display the distance of these accordingly. A color display provides both indoor and outdoor readability.

"Agilent's Fiber Break Locator evolved in line with market needs," said Frank Maier, operation manager of Agilent's Optical Network Test Division, in a statement. "By working very closely with our customers we realized that maintenance technicians needed a user-friendly, rugged, low-cost handheld device for the quick and easy location of breaks in the fiber network. The product's step-by-step guide allows technicians with various skill levels to perform the tests, which helps customers both reduce training costs and send engineers to the field more quickly than in the past."

The Agilent Fiber Break Locator incorporates a step-by-step, one-button user interface and includes an interactive guide to locating a fiber break, as well as online help at each stage.



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