Picasso paints a pretty picture

Thu, 02/01/2001 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

Congruency, a VOIP infrastructure platform and services provider that delivers enhanced end-to-end telecommunications over broadband networks, says its VOIP communications software platform, infrastructure services and touch-screen i.Picasso 6000 IP Phone are now commercially available. The company also announced that Monmouth Internet has selected Congruency's VOIP offering to enable the delivery of new broadband telecommunication bundles to its customers starting in 2001.

According to Ralph Hayon, Congruency president and CEO, Congruency's technology has been well received and anticipated. "We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback about the availability of our commercial services at the recently completed ComNet 2001 show," Hayon tells CEDaily. "The broadband communication carriers and end-users we met with, regardless of how big or small they are, talked about how congruency's VOIP platform, services and touch-screen i.Picasso 6000 IP phone can provide a clear point of differentiation for them."

i.Picasso 6000 IP Phone is a standalone IP telephone that features a 5.7-inch HTML enabled color touch-screen that simplifies call management, accommodates directed visual content and enhances the viewing of Web content.

"Broadband carriers realized that, in addition to traditional IP Centrex and business telephony functionality, enhanced services like customized Web applications and directed visual content delivered directly to our IP phone provide a bandwidth and services upsell opportunity and may help retain customers. End users are overwhelmed by the technology and features built into the phone, and view it as a powerful addition to the desktop. The initial deployment with Monmouth Internet generated a tremendous amount of confidence about the viability of our VOIP offering," says Hayon.

Congruency's commercial VOIP offering includes an advanced VOIP communications software platform which uses an advanced softswitch with integrated applications and creation capabilities that deliver VOIP telecommunications from traditional and new data networking equipment.


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