Nortel announces new Web service strategy

Wed, 02/28/2001 - 7:00pm

Nortel Networks is introducing new technology that allows telecommunications service providers and media and Internet content companies to provide new Web-based services to customers.

Nortel representatives says its networking devices and software will allow Internet service providers and 'Net content companies to offer new content-based services, such as the ability to download movies from the Web.

The technology integrates two existing families of products from Nortel and allows them to work together: Internet-based equipment that enables service providers to offer more sophisticated Web-based services to customers; and devices that speed Web content to customers.

Nortel announced five products that can manage Web content and allow service providers and businesses to provide content to any device from computers to cell phones, according to the company.

With the Shasta and Alteon products combined, Nortel says service providers and 'Net content companies can generate new revenue by offering new subscription-based services. ISPs, for example, can strike deals with content providers such as movie companies, and allow customers to subscribe to movies over the Web, according to the company.

Additionally, Nortel rolled out a new Universal Edge IMAS Xpress DSLAM that is currently in trials with Golden West, a telco that serves South Dakota.


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