Commerce.TV reels in Adelphia

Sun, 02/25/2001 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

Meeting ever increasing demand for interactive TV, Adelphia cable subscribers will be getting interactive television services from Commerce.TV Adelphia expects to deploy the interactive platform to its digital cable subscribers as part of its standard digital TV package by the end of the year. Adelphia has approximately 5.5 million subscribers.

"I think this is a critical milestone in the development of our company, signing a distribution agreement with major MSOs gives us the distribution we need to be successful," Matt Kay, president and CEO of Commerce.TV, tells CEDaily. "We've worked hard for this for the last two years. We're a pretty cool company. What we're providing is a way for cable ops to get new revenue streams and the applications are pretty neat."

Commerce.TV works with Scientific-Atlanta's Explorer 2000 digital set-top boxes and is also compatible with the Motorola DCT-2000 digital set-top boxes. Subscribers need only the digital cable box and a remote control in order to access Commerce.TV's interactive services - and no extra cash - there is no additional fee for the service.

Commerce.TV expects to sign more distribution agreements, but for the moment is mum on who with. "We're in negotiations with all the top operators, the usual suspects. We expect to get additional distribution for the Commerce.TV," says Kay.

Commerce.TV currently has deployment agreements with Insight Communications, with 1.4 million cable customers including pending acquisitions, combined with 190,000 Susquehanna Communications subscribers and 170,000 Blue Ridge Communications customers, raising the total basic subscriber audience to 7.25 million.


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