Open Entertainment more confining

Sun, 01/07/2001 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

Open Entertainment is releasing new software that could limit consumers' TV viewing and recording habits.

Its Internet Media Transceiver Platform (iMTX) features copyright protection within its encryption capabilities. This means that subscribers' days of buying a pay-per-view movie and recording it for unlimited playback could be over.

The iMTX platform is embedded in consumer home recording devices or as a stand-alone Internet appliance. Subscribers will be able to pick the movies, music or other entertainment via a remote control, and then the entertainment is downloaded and stored, rather than streamed, on the consumer's appliance. The iMTX software tracks how often the programming is viewed, and compensates the copyright owner each time.

The software is provided at no cost to content providers, and manufacturing partners who embed the software into consumer entertainment systems get a cut of every media transaction generated.

Open Entertainment is currently conducting trials of its iMTX platform software and expects consumer electronics devices that are compatible with the platform to be available in 2Q 2001.


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