New study says consumers want their home networking

Sun, 01/07/2001 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

Ucentric, a home networking platform provider, has the results of its online study that suggests consumers want home networking to streamline their lives as well as enhance their communications and entertainment options.

The study, dubbed the Ucentric/Roper Connected Home Study, says almost 30 percent of broadband subscribers are ready for technology that will interconnect all of the electronic equipment they have at home. For example, subscriber Steve is watching the Bronco game (CED does originate in Denver), hears the phone ringing, and can display caller ID on the TV screen. Since the team may actually be scoring for once, Steve lets voicemail pick it up and he can then listen to the message on his PC, which is nearby displaying scores of last night's Avalanche game.

It just happens that Ucentric has developed the Ucentric Home Networking Platform that performs these wonders and more. The network connects all existing computers, TVs, stereos and other appliances throughout the home to each other and to the Internet without the need for additional wiring. Users can play Internet/MP3 files on any FM stereo, receive instant messaging on TV and pick up voicemail on any TV, phone or computer in the house.

Ucentric's platform is requested through subscribers' broadband service providers.


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