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Wed, 01/17/2001 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

Insight Research has released a report on what rural America wants from the broadband world. While those of us who are city dwelling folk might believe our country cousins are not as sophisticated in their knowledge of what is out there, that is not true.

Insight's report, The Rural Telecom Consumer and Broadband Access*, presents the interest in current technologies such as PCs, cable modems, and wireless phones and rural consumers' telecom service preferences, including monthly telephone service expenditures, local, long distance, and international calling habits, use of enhanced telephone features and penetration rates. The survey respondent data is segmented by demographic factors such as ethnicity, education, and household income.

The Rural Telecom Consumer and Broadband Access study found that rural consumers are more loyal than their city cousins, and less likely to switch telecom service providers than metropolitan consumers. They are also more likely to pick their local carrier to provide both local and long distance service, indicating even higher customer loyalty. And while they are less likely to own additional services such as caller ID and broadband Internet access, Insight's survey data suggests that they do intend to get around to it.

This 128-page report is available for $5,795 in hard copy. A free report excerpt, table of contents, and ordering information is online at PDF licenses are also available.

*distribution permission granted


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