i-TV hungry for good content

Wed, 01/24/2001 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

Where once the Web was content-hungry, now it's the development of i-TV that's being touted as the next big Web application. Meeting this new demand, interactive TV technology providers OpenTV and Mixed Signals Technologies (MST), have agreed to jointly market MST's interactive TV services and tools with OpenTV's enhanced TV platform.

MST and OpenTV offer an i-TV system that uses HTML and ATVEF formats. Television viewers with OpenTV-enabled set-top boxes can interact with enhanced TV programming and advertisements developed by MST. OpenTV builds a software and infrastructure platform that enables digital interactive television and brings on-demand content to other digital communications devices. MST made a name for itself when it produced two seasons of Jeopardy! Interactive and Wheel of Fortune Interactive, letting viewers with interactive-enabled set-top play along with on-screen contestants.

Both companies intend to offer programmers and advertisers, including existing clients of MST and OpenTV, the opportunity to distribute enhancements and interactive game shows over network operators' systems.

"Together, our shared knowledge and experience will, in our view, accelerate the growth and distribution of interactive content worldwide," said Alex Thompson, CEO of MST, in a statement.


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