Grim Reaper visits Jato

Wed, 01/10/2001 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

"May you live in interesting times" is an old Chinese proverb. And life certainly got interesting, and hectic, in Denver when DSL provider Jato Communications, closed its doors today, and effectively closed off its customers, leaving them without e-mail or Internet access.

"It's a fact, it's happening all over," Norm Bogen, director of WAN infrastucture and services, Cahners In-Stat, tells CED. "These companies need a lot capital and it takes money to buy the equipment and roll trucks to hook up the customer. And when the market dries up and they can no longer get their hands on the capital, they can't make it."

"It's not surprising that a lot of their customers have been left without service. Especially if no provisions were made for competing DSL providers to take over the defunct company's existing customers," says Bogen

Jato is closing its doors after failing to secure more financing to run operations.

Calls to Jato yield only a recording telling customers that the company will shortly discontinue all services in all markets. Customers are directed to for a list of new service providers.


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