Microtune introduces a new breed of chip

Sun, 12/10/2000 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

Microtune has high hopes for its new chip. Touting it as a new breed of upstream amplifier, the chip is designed to deliver high performance while using only a little power for broadband cable modems, cable telephony, set-top boxes and digital interactive applications.

The MicroStreamer MT1530 is a single-chip component, and supports both DOCSIS and Euro-DOCSIS standards and features the first all-silicon RF front end supporting both receive and transmit functions. The MicroStreamer is an RF signal booster for upstream communications, pushing and amplifying data from the user to the cable headend. The result is faster e-mail, real-time i-gaming, instant e-commerce transactions and access to advanced VOD.

"The MicroStreamer is the first member of new product family, and the highest performing in its class in terms of distortion and noise. It's also international in nature, as it meets both DOCSIS and the more stringent Euro-DOCSIS requirements," John Norsworthy, Microtune chief tech officer, tells CED.

"This family of products will be applicable to all forms of applications that take advantage of broadband cable, like cable modem telephony and set-top boxes. We plan to expand this family of products as well as our presence in the radio frequency and analog technology of broadband cable.

"By virtue of the MicroStreamer's high performance, MSOs will be able to take full advantage of their networks. [It will aid MSOs] in leveraging their current investments," says Norsworthy.


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