Dataquest report says telecom may be deregulated

Sun, 12/17/2000 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

A report released from Dataquest a division of Gartner Group, suggests that the soon-to-be-inaugurated Bush administration will be a more hands-off government than that of the past eight years, and telecom deregulation could result.

Not holding back its opinions, Dataquest analysts say that the Clinton administration has had a stranglehold on the burgeoning telecommunications industry, causing it to stall.

"The telecom economy is hell-bent for growth," says Alex Winogradoff, vice president and chief analyst for Dataquest's telecom group. "This new telecom economy brings significant uncertainty for the industry. This uncertainty clearly requires government oversight but less government interference - more regulatory freedom and less industry and social engineering,"

Dataquest analysts also believe the new Bush administration will change FCC and U.S. Trade Representative policies, that could lead to better relationships internationally.


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