Marching to the tune of BigBand

Mon, 11/20/2000 - 7:00pm
Karen Kessler-Tanaka

BigBand Networks has rolled out its new router, the Broadband Multimedia-Service Router (BMR), which allows video, audio and data to be directed in their native formats.

"The router is capable of routing different types of media services, like broadcast video, Internet access and VOD, and respecting their different natures and processes," Marcia Bana, director of communications for BigBand, told CED. "Regular routers are data centric, so when they handle video, which is more complex, it treats it the same as data. That's not the way to handle it. You can't treat everything the same or everything as data. You need to treat all different formats accordingly. This helps to deliver better quality.

"Our first target markets are the cable operators. They are under a lot of pressure to deliver new services - HDTV, VOD, etc. BigBand can help cable ops with the BMR. It helps them take better advantage of the bandwidth available to them by letting them allocate intelligently and dynamically between the different services. That optimizes the bandwidth uses.

"This is a revolutionary product, the first of its kind, capable of routing and delivering data in its native format," said Bana. "We don't know of anyone else doing that."

BigBand will be demonstrating the BMR at The Western Show at booth 4409.


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