What you want to watch, when you want it. ReplayTV and AT&T Broadband are offering DVRs (digital video recorders, also known as PDRs, personal digital recorders) to trial groups of subs in Denver and Boston later this month.

As spokespersons were unavailable for comment, CED is not sure who gets to try out the new DVRs. But the chosen ones will have a good time playing with the features this technology offers: find, digitally record and store programming for playback at any time; pause live TV and create instant replays; never bother with videotape again. DVRs even have the capability to recall what you like to watch and looks for similar programming for you. That's just a little creepy.

Subscribers in the trial, (and if it goes well, maybe even you) will be able to use ReplayTV's DVR with existing digital set-top boxes, allowing the combination of digital recording with a broad range of digital programming.