Win-win situation for FTTH?

Mon, 10/16/2000 - 8:00pm

WINfirst, Lucent sign $1 billion deal for fiber-to-the-home network.

Lucent Technologies and WINfirst, a Denver broadband service provider, are partnering in a $1 billion deal to build a fiber-to-the-home residential network that will provide unparalleled bandwidth for voice, data and video applications.

Winfirst will invest $800 million in Lucent's equipment, software and services. The deployment also includes data switching equipment from Lucent spin-off Avaya Communications valued at $200 million over five years.

The optical access network will connect each home using a dedicated fiber optic cable and equipment with lasers to send and receive information using the Internet protocol and Fast Ethernet. The service is expected to be 65 times faster than typical 1.5 Mbps high-speed connections offered today.

Bell Labs engineers also developed two new products for the WINfirst network. A Network Demarcation Unit attaches to the outside of customers' homes, terminates the fiber connection and uses a laser to send and receive voice, data and video traffic over the network. It also connects to a new Residential Ethernet Gateway that is located outside customers' homes and connects to their PCs and telephones.

The core network will have 130 terabits per second of switching capacity, and the equipment providing the direct connection to customers can scale from 100 Mbps to multiple gigabits per second.

Additionally, Lucent and CopperCom announced they would be partnering to deliver an in-building voice-and-data-over-wireless system to service providers targeting business subscribers. Winstar Communications will be one of the first companies to commercially deploy the system using an architecture which combines the bandwidth benefits of in-building DSL technology, with an integrated fiber and fixed wireless network.

The system includes Lucent's Cellpipe integrated access devices and family of Stinger DSL access concentrators, as well as the CopperCom Gateways. Building access will be secured via ATM over fixed wireless.



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