Taking the guesswork out of modem testing in the field

Wed, 10/11/2000 - 8:00pm

Sunrise Telecom introduces cable modem analyzer

Cable modem installers now have a product that will help them test cable modem installations without the guesswork. The Hukk Engineering Division of Sunrise Telecom is introducing the CM1000 Cable Modem System Analyzer that for the first time allows technicians to test the performance of cable modems.

Cable modem installers have had to use the "shotgun" approach to installation. That meant replacing all components, including the drop cable, splitters and internal wiring because there was no reliable way to test performance of the installation. The CM1000 checks the various points in the installation, allowing the technician to determine which components need to be replaced.

The CM1000 is based on a modular platform allowing future modules to perform different jobs. Simulating a cable modem, the product communicates with the CMTS to characterize the digital performance in both directions.


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