Broadcom chip full of possibility

Mon, 09/18/2000 - 8:00pm
Karen Kessler

Broadcom's new single-chip DOCSIS cable modem solution is a first. The chip will allow cable operators to deliver primary-line VOIP telephone, "always on" cable modem connections and home networking services using a single device.

"[This is] a device that will enable entire new classes of consumer services and applications, from basic phone service to new household appliances information," said Broadcom President and CEO, Dr. Henry T. Nicholas III, in a statement.

According to Broadcom, the single chip will make digital broadband telephone and high-speed data services as easy as plugging into the existing phone line — veritable "plug-and-play" access to broadband cable services.

Benefits to users include four cable phone lines using one phone wire, lower cost digital local and long distance phone service over cable, 'always-on' high-speed broadband Internet access on any phone line and any telephone jack and SOHO service using the integrated advanced IP security (IpSec) VPN processor.


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