BIG (and weird) sports on cable

Mon, 09/18/2000 - 8:00pm
Karen Kessler

Broadband Interactive Group (BIG) is bringing Bluetorch TV interactive core sports to WorldGate subs. WorldGate's Channel HyperLinking technology connects viewers to the Bluetorch Web site on a real-time, two-way basis without typing in a Web address. To use the Channel HyperLinking features, WorldGate subs push a button on the cable remote or wireless keyboard to interact with Bluetorch TV programming.

Bluetorch's lineup focuses on non-traditional sports: surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, freestyle motorcross, wakeboarding, BMX and bodyboarding. (For something of a description of these Gen Y pastimes, visit the site.)

Customer interaction means being able to jump from linear TV to the site and seeing footage you can't see on the show," Justine Hah, Bluetorch spokesperson, told CED magazine. "You can also have two-way communication like chat."

This year, 65 hours of Bluetorch programming will be telecast to 70 million U.S. homes, and 130 hours of programming are expected to be telecast in 2001. Currently, Fox Sports Net airs Bluetorch TV.


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