Cox Business: Thumbs up on World IPv6 Day

Mon, 06/20/2011 - 9:23am
Mike Robuck

World IPv6 Day was largely a hit by almost any measure, but the real heavy lifting is still in the offing.

Jeff FinkelsteinIn between sessions, keynotes and booth visits at The Cable Show last week, Cox Communications executive Jeff Finkelstein gave me a brief rundown on how World IPv6 Day went earlier this month.

Cox has a reputation for meticulous preparation and deployments, so it's no surprise that Finkelstein said World IPv6 Day went well for Cox Business and some of its customers that participated in the test flight of IPv6 addresses.

"What we learned is that our preparation paid off," said Finkelstein, senior director of architecture at Cox Communications. "We tried to take a simple approach by testing in our lab first, and then with friendlies. When it came to World IPv6 Day, things worked well."

Finkelstein said 6to4 relay was used the most during World IPv6 Day. Native IPv6 traffic was up 2 percent to 3 percent, but Finkelstein said that wasn't much of a surprise since some Cox Business customers had it enabled prior to the event on June 8.

Late last year, Cox said its core network was fully IPv6-compliant, and the company was transitioning the network edge and support infrastructure to meet customer demand.

With Cox's dual-stack IPv6 deployment, Finkelstein said he wasn't overly concerned about the possible impact of migrating to IPv6 on the company's IPv4 customers, but with the proliferation of new IP devices and technologies Cox and the rest of the Internet community need to get ready for large-scale adoption of the IPv6 protocol.

"The big thing now is transition architectures, and there are lots of options," Finkelstein said.

While a full cutover to IPv6 isn't going to happen any time soon, cable operators and other ISPs will need to huddle with vendors for testing in labs and large-scale trials.

"We need to come up with a primary strategy and a secondary strategy to fall back on, and this is also new territory for vendors," Finkelstein said. "We have enough time for processing lab and large-scale tests with vendors."



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