Comcast expands IPv6 dual-stack trial

Mon, 06/06/2011 - 10:32am
Mike Robuck

Comcast has extended the reach of its IPv6 dual-stack trial to include some locations in San Francisco, Chicago and Miramer, Fla., which means those cable modem subscribers will be able to take part in Wednesday's World IPv6 Day.

IPv6With the native dual-stack configuration, Comcast customers can access content and services natively in both IPv6 and IPv4 since they have both protocols' addresses, which is a key concern as service providers and websites migrate to IPv6 over the coming years.

The end result is that the customers don't need to use any tunneling or translation technologies, including Network Address Translation. Instead, they can access IPv6 and IPv4 directly at high speeds in an unencumbered manner.

In January, the nation's largest ISP laid claim to being the first service provider in North America to activate native dual-stack users in a production DOCSIS network.

Comcast's first trial in the Denver suburb of Littleton, Colo., used cable modems from Arris and home networking equipment from Apple. According to John Brzozowski, a distinguished engineer and Comcast's chief architect for IPv6, the expanded trial includes the addition of home networking equipment from D-Link.

"The successful expansion of our trials is a clear indicator of Comcast's and the cable industry's readiness for IPv6," John Brzozowski wrote in his company blog post today.



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