Vantrix powers Videotron's multi-screen viewing service

Thu, 02/17/2011 - 8:40am
Mike Robuck

Videotron viewers have reached the Holy Grail of multi-screen viewing now that they have the ability to "play," "pause" and "resume" video content across various screens.

In December, Videotron became the first cable operator in Canada to launch a three-screen viewing experience that seamlessly switches content across TVs, PCs and mobile devices. With the service, Videotron customers can start watching video content on one device, pause it, and then resume watching it at the exact point where they had previously stopped it on another device.

Yesterday, Vantrix issued a press release that said its multi-screen video platform was behind Videotron's multi-screen viewing experience, which is no surprise since Videotron said it was using Vantrix's technology when it first launched its TV Everywhere Web portal last year.

In October, Montreal-based Vantrix also announced it was provisioning Videotron's mobile streaming service.

Vantrix's Play, Pause and Resume (PPR) feature is the endgame for offering content "anywhere, anytime, to any device" that video providers have been talking about for several years now.

Vantrix uses dynamic bit rate adaptation (DBRA)?to ensure consumers have the best end-user video experience, such as smooth/jitter-free video and no buffering. It also enables the operator to provide better quality of service – thereby increasing service stickiness, usage and user loyalty, according to Vantrix.

The ability to seamlessly watch a movie, for example, on a TV or PC in your home and then on a mobile device while you're in a cab headed to the airport without missing any of the scenes is something that over-the-top content providers can't currently match.

In addition, Vantrix said mobile operators could offer different channel lineups for each customer, just like on their cable offerings, segmenting the customer base and providing opportunities for premium channel and content packages.

Vantrix's platform also allows operators to offer services that include various business models, including free-to-use, pay-on-demand, duration-based charging, subscription-based, subsidized content and advertising.

"Already available on our television service, illico TV, Vantrix's Play, Pause and Resume functionality on the Web and mobile completed our unique anytime, anywhere and on any device customer experience," said Manon Brouillette, executive vice president of strategy and market development. "This is a critical part of our 'TV everywhere' strategy and could not have been achieved without Vantrix's wireless industry and technology expertise."

Vantrix products are deployed in more than 70 networks, serving more than 1 billion subscribers worldwide. Its customer roster includes Sprint, Orange, Telefonica and T-Mobile.



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