A few details on TWC's Signature Home tier

Mon, 11/29/2010 - 9:35am
Mike Robuck
Time Warner Cable's premium Signature Home tier was in the news last week after CEO Glenn Britt spoke about the service in a story by Bloomberg.

The Signature Home tier represents the high end of Time Warner Cable's segmentation strategy. Earlier this month, Time Warner Cable bracketed the lower end with a trial of its TV Essentials tier in New York City that costs $39.99 per month, while customers in Ohio will pay $29.99 per month.

Time Warner Cable, the nation's second-largest cable operator, started testing Signature Home in Charlotte in July. During a third-quarter earnings call earlier this month, Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt said that Signature Home would be launching in most of Time Warner Cable's systems over the coming weeks.

In short, Signature Home is a feature-rich tier that offers a whole-home DVR service, a wireless element that allows connections to up to 13 devices, and a dedicated team of installation and customer service employees.

A spokeswoman for Time Warner Cable said that the company is using DVRs and boxes from Motorola, Samsung and Cisco for Signature Home. (According to one Internet forum user, Time Warner Cable is using Motorola's DCX3200p2-M for the client box and DCX3400-M for the DVR.) Time Warner Cable also confirmed that the cost of the service was $199.99 per month in New York City – where Time Warner Cable competes with Verizon – and $179.99 in Charlotte.

As for where Signature Home will launch next over the coming weeks, there are a few clues available. Signature Home features VoiceZone, which is a free, Web-based portal that allows its subscribers to customize and monitor their digital phone service from any Web-connected computer.

With VoiceZone, customers can change call settings including caller ID, access voicemail, block unwanted calls and set distinctive rings to identify incoming calls.

Time Warner Cable has information on VoiceZone in the following regions on its website: Northeast, East, which includes New York City, Charlotte, Cincinnati, north Texas and central Texas.

Time Warner Cable's DOCSIS 3.0-based data tier, which features download speeds of up to 50 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps, is also part of the Signature Home package. Based on its DOCSIS 3.0 rollouts to date, upstate New York, Cincinnati and areas of Texas seem like good candidates for the launch of Signature Home over the next few weeks.

Time Warner Cable has also been busy rolling out its OCAP Digital Navigator (ODN) guide in various systems over the past year. Some of the chatter on Internet forums has indicated that ODN 4.02­_4 is needed to support Signature Home.

Signature Home also allows subscribers to upload photos, download large presentations and stream TV shows all at once. Time Warner Cable mentions on its website that "Powertask" enables multiple services on Signature Home.

According to information on a website. Time Warner Cable was issued a trademark for Powertask in October of last year. Powertask is "modular computer peripherals for mobile and desktop computers; communication cards, namely modem cards, connectivity cards, networking cards," according to the trademark document.

Time Warner Cable has said there will be more information on how Signature Home works over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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