Expo draws a bead on engineering

Tue, 10/19/2010 - 10:14am
Mike Robuck

Ever since Mark Dzuban took over as president and CEO of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers last year, he has worked to sharpen the organization's focus on cable engineering, and that trend continues at this week's Cable-Tec Expo in New Orleans.

Earlier this year, the SCTE hired Daniel Howard as its first CTO in order to better prepare for the eventual transition to IP video. SCTE is also continuing to push its green initiatives through its Smart Energy Management Initiative (SEMI).

Yvette KanouffSeaChange International President Yvette Kanouff served on both the SCTE Planning Committee and the Expo Planning Committee, and as a senior member of SCTE, she has seen the organization's growth through its various iterations over the years.

"The whole evolution of the SCTE is really about going back to its technology roots by helping with the next generation of network design and implementation," Kanouff said. "A lot of the topics of this particular Expo are back to the implementation of technologies as we move to the next-generation network in the various topic areas. What we're trying to do is to help the field make the transition for whichever topic you pick. You have to thank Mark [Dzuban] for some of that.

"One of the things we did this year was we put a big focus on the reality of it as opposed to abstract. We had a lot of discussions on best practices, use cases and lessons learned for implementing. We're providing really meaty content so people can walk away and get ready for this next step – whatever stage they're in for a particular topic. Hopefully that's what people will think when they walk away from a particular topic at this year's Expo."

So no matter what your field of interest is, this week's Expo should provide you with more tools for the toolbox, additional plans for the drawing board and the incremental steps needed to make those next-gen plans a reality.



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