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Fri, 05/28/2010 - 10:16am
Brian Santo

Canoe Ventures has licensed This Technology’s placement opportunity information service (POIS) software, called SpotBuilder.

This appears to be a very savvy move on Canoe’s part, because it serves two interrelated purposes. 

SpotBuilder is completely agnostic when it comes to the campaign management systems it connects to. So Canoe can run interoperability tests in its Innovation Lab and immediately simplify them, pretty much taking for granted interoperability between POIS and campaign management systems from pretty much any manufacturer.

“The advanced advertising ecosystem is extremely complex, with so many options for MSOs and networks to connect and execute both national and affiliate dynamic ad insertion. Canoe is excited to provide a single environment for the national networks to test their advertising sales systems for all connected MSOs,” said Arthur Orduña, chief technology officer of Canoe Ventures. “With our latest enhancements to the Innovation Lab, which include licensing This Technology’s SpotBuilder, we’ve taken significant steps toward removing these complexities for the networks to continue driving the market forward and make it operationally feasible to connect to multiple MSOs with any qualified solutions available in the ecosystem.”

More interesting, once a national ad insertion system is up and running, Canoe could run SpotBuilder as a service for its partners.

“It’s the only software that allows the networks to choose the campaign management systems they implement,” explained Jeff Sherwin, founder of This Technology.

There are many different ad types (linear, VOD, addressable, telescoping, EBIF, RFI), and there are many different companies making and implementing many different systems to deliver those ads. That creates the need for a way to coordinate all of the types of ads and the slots available to put them in – a combination of inventory management and placement management – the POIS.

One of the biggest reasons This Technology’s POIS is valuable enough for Canoe to take an interest in is that it is open, so everyone else can buy and implement whatever equipment they want. “It doesn’t matter if an MSO chooses one platform and the networks another,” Sherwin explained.

Thus Canoe Ventures can act as a non-partisan manager of ad inventory.

The licensing of This Tech’s software marks a significant milestone in cable’s development of a national advertising insertion system.

“This is a defining moment for cable,” Sherwin said. “Companies are finally buying software for something more than just execution and delivery. They’re making strategic decisions about how much of the process they want to control. They’re now thinking, ‘How do I monetize this?’”

Announced in February 2010, the Innovation Lab was created by Canoe Ventures to prototype and evaluate its products and services roadmap with potential technology partners and their relevant offerings, the first of which was dynamic ad insertion.


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