Update: Cox’s Caller ID on TV service

Wed, 03/03/2010 - 9:01am
Mike Robuck

A spokesman for Cox Communications provided an update to the cable operator’s Caller ID on TV deployments to date after I filed my story on Monday.

Cox first launched the service in Oklahoma City in 2008, and it’s currently deployed in 12 systems. Three of those markets are supporting Caller ID on TV through On Ramp Phone Tools, while the remaining nine are native Aptiv or Rovi applications.

I live in rural Colorado, so Caller ID on TV has yet to make its way here, although yesterday’s announcement by the Comcast Media Center and MediaFriends on an EBIF-based Caller ID on TV application should mean more smaller cable operators will be offering it at some point.

MediaFriends and the CMC’s Hits AxIS are also working on field-testing MediaFriends’ EBIF-enabled Social TV application, which is called MediaFriends Chat. MediaFriends, formerly Integra5, also has deployed a Caller ID on PC application that could some day trickle down to small- and mid-size cable operators.

So while TV Caller ID is now largely table stakes for large cable operators such as Cox, Comcast and Cablevision, there’s still plenty of room for converged services to grow with smaller operators.

I for one will look forward to replacing the metallic, slightly female-sounding voice of our answering machine, which constantly garbles the names of callers. When my father-in-law calls, he is announced as “Jesus, Donald,” and while that initially gave me pause for a life of sin, it’s now enough to keep me from answering the phone when the Denver Broncos are losing.



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