Despite economy, RCN Metro Optical finding sweet spot

Wed, 10/07/2009 - 9:27am
Mike Robuck

While the economy is still a dark cloud, RCN Metro Optical Networks has found a ray of sunshine with its new network ring that will connect colocation facilities and financial exchanges in New York and New Jersey.

The large-scale, low-latency ring was first announced in September and should be finished over the next six months, according to RCN Metro Optical Networks vice president of sales and marketing Maura Mahoney.

Using equipment from Nortel Networks, the ring will have a ROADM/DWDM-based core infrastructure and will offer a capacity of 88 40 Gig channels on its first day of operations, with the next phase ramping up to100 Gig channels.

“What we have is different and unique,” Mahoney said. “It’s not just point-to-point, it’s about low latency and routing.”

Low latency is key for financial institutions, and despite the recession, Mahoney said customers see the value in what RCN Metro Optical is doing.

Mahoney said RCN Metro Optical, which is a division of RCN Corp., has all of the access agreements in place to connect to either exchanges or with data centers. In the past, New Jersey traffic had to be re-routed to New York and then back.

“A lot of the financial exchanges are moving to New Jersey,” Mahoney said. “This will keep New Jersey traffic in New Jersey.”

The network ring will offer a direct connection between several of the region’s leading financial exchanges and major colocation facilities. Colocation facilities on the network ring will include RCN Metro’s recently launched high-density colocation facility located at 165 Halsey Street in Newark, N.J., and its 111 8th Ave. facility in New York, as well as other colocation provider facilities.

“Low latency is a function of distance, so when you couple the ring with what we’ve done at Halsey and in New York, we’re able to offer our [service-level agreements],” Mahoney said. “I can’t say who our customers are, but they are a ‘who’s who’ of the financial services industry. It’s refreshing to see that they value and support this network.”



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