Now that’s long-tail content…

Tue, 07/07/2009 - 11:21am
Mike Robuck

So in the course of cruising for cable-related news this morning, I found an item from the Charlotte Sun Herald in Florida about a new offering from Comcast that lets subscribers adopt cats via an on-demand channel.


Digital subscribers in the Charlotte area of Florida will be able to view short videos of the prospective felines, as well as to access information such as temperament, history, name and tag number.


“My turns on include taking long afternoon naps in that sunny spot by the sliding door, attacking your ankles when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, sharpening my claws on the couch, and barfing grass on that carpet you just paid to have professionally cleaned.


“My turn offs include phony people – (I guess that one is universal in these types of profiles) – loud children who try to pick me up by the neck and you screaming at me every time I miss the litter box.”


The Sun Herald article said the channel was a partnership between Pet Adoptions On Demand by Comcast and the Human Society of Sarasota County. The channel has already hit the airwaves in Sarasota with 280 cats getting a chance to strut their stuff on the on-demand catwalk.


The story went on to say that 27 similar programs have showcased close to 17,000 dogs and cats nationally.


I’m sure the dogs in Charlotte and Sarasota are barking mad over not getting equal time.



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