Sun, 05/31/2009 - 8:30pm
Brian Santo, Editor

What was the reasoning behind cramming
the SCTE, NAMIC and Kaitz into Friday?

The NCTA should be proud for having staged a Cable Show 2009 that was a business, technological and political success.

Brian SantoThe SCTE, WICT, NAMIC and Walter Kaitz Foundation got short shrift, however. I heard no complaints about the quality of their events, but they were all compromised by a lack of visibility and accessibility.

The NCTA demanded Cable Connections, so it was incumbent on the NCTA to assist the other organizations. It could have started with the magnanimity to give the other organizations a little space in its show guide. Under “Cable Show Sessions,” you might have seen the occasional “Session sponsored by SCTE.” Wow. ET who?

Consigning the other organizations to physically remote corners of the conference hall was an indignity that might have been mitigated somewhat by adequate signage, which was lacking. It was the first Cable Connection, and things slip through the cracks.

But what was the reasoning behind cramming the SCTE, NAMIC and Walter Kaitz Foundation into a corner of the schedule – Friday – when many attendees frequently leave early to get home?

Hard to imagine how the NCTA could have marginalized the other events more had they been deliberate about it.

Trust me, I understand the strain of proliferating events on travel budgets. Combining events is not inadvisable. But if the NCTA is going to bully its confederates into another Cable Connection next year, those other events – all highly valuable to their constituents – are going to wither further from neglect unless the NCTA is a little more considerate.

In Denver in October, the schedule appears kinder to the SCTE, CTAM, NAMIC and other participants. The SCTE is anticipating a Cable-Tec Expo every bit as successful as The Cable Show was. We’ll see you there.


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