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There is tremendous enthusiasm for dial-up in India, but there has been a reluctance to embrace high-speed broadband Internet.

Lack of bandwidth and the high price of cable modems have been major obstacles to the development of Internet over cable in India. Another problem has been the poor infrastructure and bandwidth historically available from VSNL – until 2002, the only international bandwidth provider in the country.

The existing cable TV infrastructure is generally unreliable, with MSOs having little control over the state of the fiber reaching consumers’ homes. The coax cable has not been installed with a view for providing two-way connectivity, and it is not consistent throughout the cable service area.

Taj Mahal

But since TV was first introduced in India in 1959, the country has emerged as one of the largest TV markets in the world. TV is estimated to reach more than 50 percent of all individuals in India, and the country has one of the largest broadcasting networks in the world.

And the mobile market has continued to dominate India’s telecom sector. The market has been characterized by fierce competition, making mobile call charges some of the lowest in the world.

India broadband stats

• 233.6 million mobile subs*
• 70 million Internet users**
• 40.1 million fixed lines in service**
• 9.2 million Internet subs**
• 2.4 million broadband subs**

• 2 million DSL subs
• 264,900 cable modem subs

Asianet Satcom

• Headquarters: Trivandrum
• Largest cable operator in the state of Kerala.
• Provides cable TV and broadband services.

Bharti Airtel

• Headquarters: New Delhi
• Provides broadband and fixed and mobile telephony services.
• 55.2 million mobile subs*
• 2.2 million broadband/fixed telephony subs*


• Headquarters: New Delhi
• Largest Indian telecom; seventh-largest telecom worldwide.
• Provides broadband and fixed and mobile telephony services.
• 70 million+ fixed/mobile subs**
• Recently invited other firms to help it launch a nationwide

VoIP service; plans to select four companies.

Dish TV

• Headquarters: Noida
• India’s first DTH service.
• 2.7 million subs*

Hathway Cable and Datacom

• Headquarters: Mumbai
• Provides cable TV and broadband services in 13 cities.
• In February, selected NDS’ XTV DVR technology to launch India’s first cable DVR.


• Headquarters: New Delhi
• Provides video, broadband, and fixed and mobile telephony services.
• 3 million mobile subs*
• As of January, the only operator to have launched VoIP in India.
• In February 2007, entered into a three-year contract with UTStarcom to deploy the vendor’s RollingStream IPTV solution, representing the first commercial IPTV deployment in India.

Reliance Communications

• Headquarters: Mumbai
• Provides video, broadband, and fixed and mobile telephony services.
• 41 million mobile subs*
• 900,000 broadband subs*
• Last year, partnered with Microsoft to deliver Reliance IPTV services in India, powered by the Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV software platform.

Tata Communications

• Headquarters: Mumbai
• Provides video, broadband, and fixed and mobile telephony services.


• Headquarters: Mumbai
• Provides cable TV, broadband and telephony services.
• First operator to offer the triple-play package.
• Preparing to rollout digitalization through Headend in the Sky (HITS) technology.

* As of December 2007 | ** As of June 2007 | Source: BuddeComm



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