IN PERSPECTIVE: Golden opportunity

Sun, 09/30/2007 - 8:50pm
Brian Santo, Editor

The deal from The Dawn Of The Television Era was you get free TV in exchange for watching the ads. But cable changed the deal. With cable, you have to pay for TV, and you have to watch the ads.

Brian Santo
With cable, you have to
pay for TV, and you have
to watch the ads...and I
say cable broke the deal.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you pay for great reception, you pay for more channels, blah, blah, blah, I don’t care. I’m old enough to remember the pre-cable era, and that makes me old enough to get a start on becoming cantankerous, and I say cable broke the deal.

Furthermore, I don’t watch much TV.

Don’t look so shocked. I’ve been asking some of you out there if you watch much TV either, and not very many of you do.

Anyway, not only do I begrudge the very concept of cable TV, and not only do I not watch much TV, I don’t have HBO either, which means I’ve been watching “The Sopranos” on DVD, a season behind.

Until last season. I had to see the ending (which was brilliant) in near-real-time. A friend with VOD invited us over to see it. We started watching at a time that didn’t end with a “:00” or “:30.” It was weird.

But I liked it. In fact, I liked being able to see what I wanted when I wanted so much I would happily sit through an ad or two for that kind of convenience. Especially if the ad made me laugh.

What I’m saying is, the industry might have something with this VOD advertising thing, which CED Web/News Editor Traci Patterson investigates in our cover story this month.


And speaking of CED editors, I haven’t.

Spoken of a particular editor, that is. I have, for several months, neglected to introduce the newest addition to the CED staff, Mike Robuck.

Some of you already know Mike, mostly from a venue which here shall remain nameless. But he did great work there, and he’s already doing great work here.

Mike is a tenacious and diligent reporter, a personable guy, and an all-around great asset, and we are absolutely delighted to hoist his name on our masthead.

Welcome aboard, Mike.


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